Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Trends in Artificial Intelligence

Popularity of intelligent systems owe their success to artificial intelligence as the core entity for effective operations. Our theory is that these intelligent systems are actively connected to computer networks via the internet or interconnected databases emended within their "cerebral-sphere" for quick information access and decision support

Tuesday, 4 August 2020

How Effective is The Apple iPad for Working From Home and Remote Learning?

The technology market has seen a significant surge in the use of portable devices such as laptops and tablets during the lockdown as most people need to work from home or continue studies via distant learning. 

Amongst the top contenders for tablet use is the Apple iPad which held a strong position in periods leading up to and after the initial demand for computing devices caused by the pandemic and most people not being able to leave home.

Working from home is now a common trend and and for many, this is the new way of working for digital lifestyle.

Many iPad users were probably using the commonly available iPad Mini, iPad Air and  older versions such as the iPad 2, 3 and 4 provided they are able to function properly online with the required apps.

The newer Apple iPad devices such as the iPad Pro and 10.2-inch iPad proved very much in demand due to their larger screen sizes, faster processor capabilities and compatibility with the latest iOS operating system and the need for capable technology products

It can easily be reasoned that amongst the top tablets purchased by consumers and business alike, the latter tablets were were some of the best selling tablets of all time.

Statistics indicated that the sale of iPad Pro and the 10.2 iPad puts Apple in a comfortable position with 38% of market the share by the peak of the COVID-9 period.

Other popular tablet brands inching closely behind Apple's tablet sale trend includes Samsung, Amazon and Lenovo models, which are also popular choices for consumers with respect to portable touch screen equipment based on purchases and shipment volumes.

The rise in remote work and continuation for safe distance means more and more people will be confined to the comfort of their home for much longer, or atleast until the stay-at-home ease is phased in
at it is safer to travel freely. 

It is expected that alongside remote working, learning and leisure will continue to champion the use of tablets, laptop and other portable devices from mainstream PC vendors for work, where mobile phones are not fully capable for one reason or another.

Apple Mac has also seen a huge surge in the need new computer setup amongst businesses, despite supply constraints at the start of the pandemic.

Given the rise of tablets and laptops for work, do you think Apple iPad are effective for working from home and distance learning?

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