Friday, 28 March 2014

Solid State Hard Drive Concepts

The idea of using a solid state hard drive in your mac presents an interesting solid rock concept, not readily accepted by many IT professionals.

Solid Rock IT UK offers same day onsite SSD hard drive upgrade services for individuals and businesses across London, with qualified engineers to help with hardware replacement every step of the way. Because we are Solid Rock, then hard drive upgrade for solid state devices fits our profile perfectly.

Which SSD Hard Drive to Choose to Upgrade your Computer?

Now, there are different capacity SSD Drive and with recent development in technology, their speeds have also been increasing drastically to keep up with demands for rich media and higher data read/write speed requirements.

If you are planning a hard drive upgrade from traditional mechanical to the state of the art (Solid State Device - SSD - then, Solid Rock IT UK may be your best bet for advice, support and services.

What Does SSD Hard Drive Looks Like?

For those not familiar with the look or concept of SSD hard drive, we've included an image to align your imagination.
SSD Hard Drive Upgrade for Speed and Capacity Needs

Devices that Uses SSD Hard Drives

SSD Hard Drive is gradually becoming the preferred choice for faster starting computers, laptops and Apple Macs. Where the traditional 3.5 inch SSD Hard drive is not available, users and technical support personnel have find easy alternatives to bridge this gap by using 2.5" SSD with internally mounted Caddies.

This concept work really well, making SSD an even greater hit among those would would not otherwise consider this as an option due to cost and installation complexities. Moreover, SSD Hard Drive has been improving in stability, thereby making the need to rely on traditional mechanical hard drive less favourable.

Solid Rock IT UK has a SSD Hard Drive Upgrade scheme for the next few months and it would be good for you to let us help you. to find out how we can upgrade your SSD hard drive to match your GB capacity and speed requirements, simply contact us on 07951 878 703. alternatively Get your SSD Hard Drive Upgrade Quote today.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Printer Setup and Troubleshooting - 5 Quick Tips

Printer Setup is meant to be a straight forward activity, but at times, this is not always easily achieved. Learn the basics for printer setup on your Apple Mac or Windows machine and start printing document like a pro on the go.

For those Techy Pros who have already set up their printer but are having issues when printing, see below for some troubleshooting tips you can try.

  • Check and make sure that your printer is plugged in, turned on and has paper in its tray.
  • Check that the display light shows normal status.
  • Turn your printer off and then turn it on again and check if printing is now possible. 
  • If alerts are displayed on your printer, check the original documentation or visit the manufacturer's website for known issues mentioned.
  • If the printer continue to display faults after all the above steps are taken, it may make sense to contact the printer manufacturer for further assistance.

Windows and Apple Mac Printer Troubleshooting Tips

Solid Rock IT UK offers professional Printer Setup and Troubleshooting services for business and residential customers across the globe. 
As long as you have internet connection and your printer is connected to your Apple Mac, Laptop or PC system our engineers can establish remote printer support sessions and help you to successfully resolve the underlying faults being experienced.  

Most printer problems are software related and Solid Rock Application Support can diagnose, identify and resolve the faults so that you are happy about your printer again.

Common Printer Troubleshooting Steps We Recommend

  • Check for Software Update from the App store for Mac printers or the Manufacture's driver package for Windows printers.
  • Refer to the printer's manufacturer for additional support.

To get Professional Printer Support and Troubleshooting help, simply contact us on 07951 878 703 now, alternatively Request Your Printer Quote today.