Monday, 30 June 2014

Apple Mac Floppy Drives - The Wonder Years

Floppy drives are becoming ever scarce as advancements in technology promotes newer products on the market for improved productivity.

The Lacie YD-U800_FDSK hard drive is one that really does stand out from the pack, based on its luminous appearance and massive uptake within the Mac market segments in years past. Although not so popular these days, the Lacie YD-U800 still hold its value as it seems to look better with the passing of each month.

We believe there will be a time where these Lacie YD-U800 floppy disk drives will become a vintage relic of unbelievable high value.

The Lacie YD-8U00 - 3.5 "USB Floppy Drive is mostly promoted for Apple Power Mac G3, G4, and G5 Mac Pro models although you can easily use it on laptops and PCs too.

When was the last time anyone used a laptop floppy disk to read or store information, even if it is just for fun?

Important Features of the Lacie YD-U800 Floppy Disk (or Floppy SuperDrive???)

So, the official sales pitch may be presented like this: The Lacie YD-U800  floppy drive easily boasts a standard USB connector and a flat external 3.5 inch floppy diskette drive with a transparent case finish.

This USB floppy drive is suitable for older styles Power Mac and iMac models, including Power Mac G3, iMac 1st generation and the iBook G3 clamshell design.

The Lacie YD-8U00 floppy drive drive read and writes to standard 3.5 "HD floppy diskettes should also work on PC although this test has not been carried out.

So What Exactly Does a Floppy Drive Looks Like - New School Techie Help Given Here.

There are really not many of these floppy drives around anymore, but we successfully founr one that we would like to promote. If you have never seen a floppy drive, perhaps we can encourage you to look at this Lacie YD-U800 US Floppy Drive for inspiration and knowledge.

We have to stop this post here now, as this post was only meant to introduce the YD-U800 USB floppy drive.

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