Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Broadband Internet Problems

As we become more reliant on the use of internet for homes and business needs, there are significant issues being faced daily due to broadband internet problems. Over the last few years, the growth in technology has driven traditional network speed to a grinding halt, with many Internet Services providers now scratching their heads as to how best to meed demands for greater internet speed due to sever broadband problems.

Many computer users in the UK feeel like sitting ducks as there are no real support for the many broadband problems they are facing, espcially when not getting desired support from their ISP to rectify complicated or the simplest internet connectivity issues. Even with the birth of fibre broadband across the capital many areas are yet to enjoy the benefit of what its like to finally overcome long standing broadband internet problems which has for many, had resulted in years of uncessary frustrations due inadequate coverage or poor internet speed coming into their properties.

Finding a reliable broand intenet support comany is like goal for many of these home and business users as they now have the voice to finally understand and challenge previous technical jargon thrown on them in the face of technology ignorance.

For many of these internet users, technical conversation regarding broadband internet problems is like mumbo jumbo and tweedle-dom messages that makes absolutely no sense, which leave many conversations conculded and leave cuch users like sitting ducks.
 Broadband Internet Support London - Home and Business Users

Broadband Troubleshoot

Typical problems broadband internet problems faced by home and business users includes:
  • I can't connect to the Internet
  • I can connect but the connection is slow
  • I have internet problems but not sure how to describe

Typical Broadnband Performance Pain Points & Considerations

  1. Number of connected internet users - in this case, considing the UK
  2. Number of devices connected throughout the UK
  3. Average Internet Connection Speed in London
  4. Fastest Internet Connection Provider
  5. Areas Worst Impacted by Broadband Internet Problem

BT Outage Map (click on the image)

Speedtest Mac from the Past